How To Pursue Passion & Forget Fear

Ever had a dream you just couldn’t shake? A vision of what you were made to do that you feel like you are constantly thinking about? Do you get super pumped up about it and what the future could look like and then have a rush of dream-crushing fear and feel yourself sink back down? Yep…been there. Every. Single. Day.

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to let the fear win. And you don’t have to take the huge, life-changing, risky leap to make your dreams happen. The truth is that you can take small steps each day to pursue your passion and forget your fear.  That’s what I’m doing. It’s certainly not easy but boy does it feel good to lay down each night knowing that I took even the tiniest step to get me closer to that vision.

So, today I’m sharing with you the 10 small ways that you can pursue passion and forget fear every day. Do these 10 things every day and you will be on your way to creating that dream, that vision you have for your life and your calling.

  1. Acknowledge Your Discontentment

It’s hard to be content. Yet we all tend to associate discontentment with unhappiness and that isn’t always the case. Discontentment can be an incredibly positive thing if we let it. The trick is acknowledging it and using it to your advantage. Being discontent does not have to mean that you are completely unhappy with your life. It can simply mean that you see a potential for growth in your life and you are longing to do something about it. Acknowledge that you feel discontent every day — let it drive you! When it comes to pursuing your passion, disconentment can be the motivation you need every day to KEEP GOING.

2. Seek Clarity

This time two years ago I was starting to get the itch to pursue more. It took over a year to get a clear vision of what MORE really was. Every day I could sense it but I just couldn’t quite grasp it. So, I prayed what seemed like forever to have clarity. It took time but it finally started to take shape in my mind. So, every day I’m stilling praying that the Lord will give me clarity about what this passion is and what it will be some day. I want that vision to get clearer every day as I inch closer to it. Not only that, but I want to see BEYOND it. I want to know what extends further than that vision. There may be something so much bigger planned for that small dream of yours — be open to it!

3. Write it All Down

For me, everything gets jumbled in my brain. So I write twice a day. Once in the morning, during my quiet time as I’m preparing for my day and praying. And then every night I try to write for at least a couple of minutes (sometimes this is just typing it all out in my phone or an email to myself). My morning writing is more heart-felt. I write prayers and I write in a more personal tone. I vent and try to make sense of my thoughts. My night writing is more like emptying my mind. I write down anything and everything I can think of when it comes to this passion of mine. I write lists and ideas and whatever comes to mind. I write my biggest dreams, fears, and hopes for the future. All of this writing helps me organize my thoughts, process all of the feelings, and release it all from my mind before I start my day or go to sleep.

4. Schedule EVERYTHING

I feel absolute panic if I don’t have a clear idea of how things are going to pan out for the week. So, I like to spend a little time on Sundays writing out my weekly schedule for the blog so I know okay, these are the things that I’m going to do this week that will get me closer to the call on my heart. It helps me feel far less overwhelmed and I know that I’m going into the week with a clear plan for everything.

5. Accept that you CANNOT do everything

You can try to do it all but let me just save you some time here…you can’t. You can’t work a full-time job, pursue a passionate side-hustle, keep your house clean, spend time with your husband, maintain a healthy diet, exercise every day, keep up with all of the extra events, get to the grocery store, remember to get an oil change…and on and on and on. It stresses me out just thinking about it! So, every day I have to accept that I cannot do everything and chances are that when I lay down at the end of the day there will still be something that I didn’t have time to get to. And that’s okay! Some of it really CAN wait until tomorrow.

6. Prioritize what matters

You want to know how to combat that guilty feeling at the end of the day when you know that you didn’t get it all done? PRIORITIZE. Figure out the things that truly cannot wait until tomorrow. Determine all of the details about this passion of yours that HAVE TO HAPPEN TODAY. Got them? Okay…now make room for them! Let go of the things that you can actually put off. Those dishes? They will still be there tomorrow.  As will all the other things that you allow to distract you from what you really want to be doing. And hey….maybe go back to number 4 and schedule in some time for those things. Trust me, it will give you so much breathing room!

7. Ask for help

This is probably the hardest one for me. I must be the biggest control freak in the world; seriously! But something I learned recently is that I do not have to be the only one doing the things I feel so strongly need to be done. Those dishes I mentioned? It is perfectly okay for you to allow someone else to do them. Let your husband help. Call a girlfriend. Let go of your pride and call your mom if you must. Whatever it is that you feel overwhelmed by, see if you can let someone else help you accomplish it. Even when it comes to the details about your passion – if you need help with something just ask for it. Find someone who has been there and ask for advice. It’s okay for you to let some of this go and accept help. Remember, you can’t do it all. And you certainly can’t do it alone.

8. Remember that fear is a liar

Because it is! I have to remind myself every day that this fear that keeps creeping in is not welcome in my life. I don’t need it! And neither do you. Call fear the liar he is, to his face, every day and then get out there and do what you are feeling called to do.

9. Don’t explain yourself

People are going to question you. They will wonder why you’re doing all of this. They will be intimidated, skeptical, judgmental, sincerely curious, confused……you name it. But do not feel like you need to explain yourself. Did you accept the call on your heart to do this? Then that’s the only explanation you need. Instead of trying to make someone understand why you started, take the opportunity to ask them about THEIR passion. Attempt to encourage them to pursue it and then move on.

10. Invest in the people

This is SO important. There are two groups of people you need to be investing in every single day to continue to pursue your passion and forget your fear. The first group of people is YOUR TRIBE. Your spouse, girlfriends, family, support system…whoever it is that is encouraging you and pushing you to keep going…invest in them! Give them your heart and your time. Let them in and let them be a part of this journey you’re on. The second group of people is YOUR FOLLOWERS. The people you DON’T KNOW who have opted to follow you through this journey are more than worth your time! Give them your mutual support. Speak into their lives. Give them a reason to CONTINUE to follow you. Pour into these two groups of people and you will feel successful no matter how this passionate pursuit turns out.

BONUS 11. Don’t ever forget that the One who not only CREATED you but also CALLED you to this passion is in complete control of this journey you’re on. And guess what, no one wants to see this dream come true for you more than He does. Rest in His peace, His direction, and His plan for you. There is nothing better you can do for your vision than to give it all up to God and be prepared for the amazing things He will do with it.

I want to know what your passion is, friend. Tell me in the comments or send me a personal message and tell me all about it. What’s your vision? Your fear? Whatever it is I want to hear all about it!

Keep pursuing your passion and forgetting your fear every day, friend. I’m on this journey with you. The struggle is very real but the hope we have is just as real. We can do this!


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  1. This is something I needed to hear today! My passion is writing. I have been very fearful and discouraged about it lately, so this post is something I needed to hear. 👏

    1. ssweetlyblog says:

      I am so happy it encouraged you Krystal!! It’s so easy to get discouraged but we CAN DO THIS. Please tell me more about this call on your heart!

  2. Christy B says:

    Very energizing~ A great read 🙂

  3. Cris says:

    This is beautiful… thank you so much! Reblogging at!!

  4. Christina DePino says:

    I love this! Exactly what I’ve been going through lately! Such an amazing prospective! I’ve been thinking, my discontentment meant I was unhappy & I have such a wonderful life that I feel guilty for feeling that way. But I can be discontent and happy at the same time – wanting to achieve more with my life IS actually a good thing! Thanks for sharing I really needed to hear this!

  5. Oby says:

    This is something that has been so insistent on my mind-finding my passion. I love reading and I love houses-decorating houses and seeing furniture pieces come alive and come together. How do I distill all this down to get to my everyday, pursuable passion?

  6. I know that I am clearly two years late but all these necessary information just fed my entire soul. I was literally on Pinterest and came across a quote that led me to you and your amazing blog site. Every word you said again fed my soul and rand true. My passion is to inspire and encourage women on owning and walking in their true identity —seeing themselves the way God does. I am guilty of allowing fear to get the best of me and through prayer and reading scripture, it gets me through but this post My God was needed and just added to confirmation of my why and purpose. Thank you from your fellow blogger and woman of God. Blessings ❤

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