4 Ways to Master Your Mission

I have an important question for you today — what is your mission?

I don’t mean your job, or your title, or the future that you visualize for yourself. I mean your MISSION – your purpose for being here. The call on your heart that screams out louder than anything else. The one thing that you can’t stop thinking about. If you are ready to tell that mission to anyone who would stop and listen then this post if for YOU.

Not sure what your mission is? That’s okay! I have two previous posts that I believe would help you determine what that mission is. I invite you to read both of them, really do some soul-searching, and then come back here to this post when you are ready to start mastering that mission.

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If you DO know what your mission is then stick around — this is going to be a good one. I am taking you through 4 ways that you can dig in deep and give that call on your heart everything you have.

First, I want to share my heart with you about all of this…

So, when I started this blogging journey last September I had no idea just how much it would impact my heart. I knew it was what I was being called to do so it just made sense to go for it. Friend, I had no idea what I was about to receive by answering that call. This platform makes me happier than I ever imagined it would. As I was researching in preparation for my blog launch I kept getting the same impression from other bloggers: blogging is hard work.

And it is.

It drains me of energy. It can be emotionally taxing. It takes SO MUCH time. It means sacrificing experiences to dig in and do the work and it can sometimes mean a monetary investment.

But here’s what makes the difference for me. I KNOW it is what I’m meant to do and it brings me joy because I consistently receive feedback about the impact my words have on someone else.

That, my friend, is the recipe for a mission. Something that impacts the lives of others while adding purpose and joy to your own life. So when I use the term “master your mission” I am referring to reaching the point of knowing exactly what your mission is, doing everything you can to accomplish it, and finding purpose and joy within it all while making a real impact in others’ lives.

Here are the 4 ways you can master your mission.

  1. Invest with Intention

My own personal journey has required a lot of investing — time, money, energy, emotion, honesty…and so many other things. But, every time I have had to spend time learning something new to apply to my brand, pay for a domain name or scheduling service, or just block out time (within what little free time I have) I have done so with great intention. I knew going into this that it would take some major investing on my part — but I also knew that the purpose behind all of this was worth more than what I was investing.

I encourage you to invest with great intention. Don’t try to find the quick or cheap or free way into your mission. Give it the time and effort it deserves! Maybe that is school tuition or committing to spending your weekends working on that call of yours. If you’re anything like me, then it might mean investing a lot of your own emotions and story into your mission. Whatever that investment looks like for you, just do it! When you finally feel that wave of purpose in the center of your mission I promise that you will see a priceless return on that investment.

2. Prioritize Prayer

And by that I mean pray constantly. Every morning. Every night. Every time you sit down to work on your mission. Because the God that gave you this passion and calling will be faithful to bring it to fruition in your life. But you have to make it a priority to go to Him every day and seek His will in this calling. You have to hand it over to Him every day.

Pray specifically. Pray big prayers. Pray with abandon — knowing that His will is far greater than your own.

I actually have a notebook that I purchased a couple of days after deciding to pursue this passion and I started writing prayers in it every day. Now, I already had a prayer journal, but this was different. This one was specifically for what I felt God was calling me to. This was for me to pour out my heart and ask for God’s hand on my mission. I use it to write out scripture that encourages me. I use it to pen the thoughts, hopes, and fears I have about this pursuit.

So, make it an absolute priority to take your calling to the One who called you. Every day.

3. Be Generous & Gracious

When it comes to the people who could be impacted by what you’re doing or hope to do, be overly generous and gracious.

Give. Give. Give. And when it feels like it is finally your turn to take….give some more. Trust me, your heart will be filled so much more by giving than it ever could be by receiving.

And then be unbelievably thankful — even if you feel like you are the one who should be thanked. Remember: this is a MISSION. It isn’t just about you — it is about THEM. Your tribe. Your people. The ones you set out to impact in the first place. Express your gratitude to anyone and everyone that supports you plus give thanks to those who are benefiting from what you’re doing.

That seems backwards, right? Thanking the people who YOU are giving too. Well, friend, without that tribe then your call would have no purpose. Simply thank them for being there, for receiving what you have to offer, for being your tribe.

4. Release & Rest

Release all of it. The dream. The passion. The hours of prayer and work and stress and planning. Now, hear me out.

You are doing what you’ve been called to. You’re investing and praying and giving generously — but at the end of each day you must let all of that go. Just when you feel empty from all of the giving that you do, give one more time right before you go to sleep — give it up to God. Let Him have all of your hope, your work, your plans. You have done your part for the day, now let Him do His. Let Him use everything you have invested to do something amazing.

You know what you will finally receive in return?


When you give everything up to God — even the dreams you hold onto so tightly — you will be absolutely floored by the rest that He will give you. Because when you let it all go you realize that you never held any of it to begin with and that is an incredible blessing. It means that you are not responsible for the success of your passion: He is! I don’t know about you, friend, but I would much rather have the Creator in charge of what I’m doing than even consider attempting it on my own.

That’s it, fellow dreamer. That is all it takes to master your mission. It’s truly a shift in mindset when you really break it down.

I encourage you to apply these 4 tips to your pursuit every day and see if you feel a little more at ease, a lot more joyful, and rested in a way you never realized you could be.

We CAN do this, friend. We can do everything that has been purposed in our hearts. It just takes a little hard work and a lot of faith.

I believe in your mission. So, go prove me right.


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    Thanks so much for this.

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    Just when I needed this you came a long! Thank you..

  3. anne says:

    Really inspiring and beautiful to read on a sunny afternoon! THANK YOU I was wondering what to use my new book for…its now my mission journal, THANK YOU.x

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