The Best Date Night Plan EVER

Hi sweet friends,

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year — and it isn’t just because of all the cozy sweaters and excuses to eat tons of soup. Fall is a very special season for me because it’s when I married my best friend. David and I are celebrating 2 years of marriage this fall and we are in such a beautiful place in our relationship.

That said, we do struggle to keep the romance alive when it comes to busy work schedules, giving so much time to this platform, and balancing all of our extra curricular responsibilities. We tried promising we would have a date night once a week and that doesn’t always go quite how we planned. Sure, we grab dinner together from time-to-time, cuddle up for movie nights, and take a couple of small road trips here and there for special events or adventures. But, I still felt like we needed something else. Something more intimate and intentional when it comes to helping us grow in our relationship.

So, we did something different from anything else we have ever tried — we had our date delivered to our door. And it was such a fun time! We are officially in love with Date Night In Boxes.


Date Night In Boxes are “a custom created, memorable date night subscription experience to be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Each Date Night In box includes interactive activities with ambiance and a tasty treat…” 

This was such a fun experience for David and I — we are so excited to receive our next box. It gives us something really fun to look forward to together and we know that it will involve a whole new experience each time. We can both get stuck in our routines and it’s so nice to break things up with a creative date night.

So, I want to break down the box for you and how this date night played out for us…

  1. The Prep

What makes this type of subscription box different is that it not only creates an experience, but Night In goes the extra mile and makes sure that you have EVERYTHING ready for you romantic night in. What you see in the box is not all that you get — they also offer an appetizer, dinner, dessert, and drink recipe that goes with the theme of the night. Plus….you get a personalized Spotify playlist to help set the mood — and, again, it totally compliments the theme of the box. This month’s theme was “Fall In Love” so all the songs were perfectly picked to make me think of how we fell for each other almost three years ago.

So, while David was at work I started with the prep work for the night. I made the homemade salted caramel dipped apples for dessert and got those chilling in the fridge (and I may have eaten a couple “accidentally”). After that, I set the table and started on dinner.


…DINNER….oh my goodness….that recipe was spectacular! I think it was half the reason we felt so in love at the end of the night. I tweaked it a bit to our preferences (plus I can just never follow a recipe no matter how hard I try). What we ended up with was comforting, warm, and perfectly creamy chicken pot pies with a biscuit-top crust.

Once dinner was well on its way, I lit the candles, poured the apple cider, (snuck another taste of the apples), and waited for David to get home.

2.  The Conversation

I’m not sure if we followed the night’s agenda exactly in order, but I thought the discussion guide was the best place to start for us. If you select the FAITH Night In Box you receive a special discussion guide that doubles as a couple’s devotional. This was really impressive to David and I! It started a beautiful conversation about our relationship and growing closer to Christ in our daily life and learning how we can encourage each other to read the Word.


3. The Crafts

So, this may have been the most challenging part for us because neither David or myself are super crafting and literally making a miniature candle was such a challenge for us. But oh so fun! We laughed the entire time! The second craft was a little more intimate and challenged us to think about all of the milestones in our relationship thus far. For this one we marked a piece of wood with our thumbprints and listed out some of the most significant dates in our relationship (first date, engagement, wedding…,). This was a simple yet really sweet craft that ended with us having a special keepsake from the night — our ideal type of experience!


Can you guess which thumbprint belongs to me?

4. The Snack

Okay, I have to write an entire section about the snack provided for the night. The SuperSeedz Maple Sugar & Sea Salt Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds were DELICIOUS. So much so that David has bugged me about them almost every day since to see if I have ordered any for us to keep on hand. What’s really special about this subscription box is that we get to try these new-to-us snacks that are carefully selected and made well with quality ingredients, PLUS — they offer a special discount on those same snacks to subscribers.


5. The Game

While we enjoyed what was left of dessert, we played the fun game provided in the box. This was a time full of laughs — mostly from me because I totally won! This was a really sweet way to wrap up the evening with lighthearted fun that brought out the competitive side of each of us. What makes it even better is that we can now break out that game anytime we want to and enjoy some friendly competition — or try to decide who has to do the dishes.


6. The Bonus

Just like Night In goes the extra mile to get your prepped for the night, they also go the extra mile to make sure the romance doesn’t end when you’ve used everything in the box. On the back page of your agenda you will find suggestions for adventurous activities or movies that support the theme of the month. For example, this month’s suggestions were hayrides and apple orchards or snuggling up for a screening of Practical Magic or When Harry Met Sally. David is a total movie junkie so he especially loved this little touch for wrapping up the evening. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to carry the date over into a full weekend or even a couple of weeks of movies & activities.


All-in-all, we ADORE the Date Night In Box and cannot wait until the next one arrives at our door. The best part for us? The anticipation! It really rekindles that old familiar can’t-wait-for-our-next-date feeling that we both so sweetly recall from three years ago.

If you’re thinking about spicing up your date nights, then you have to check out this box! There are a few options to choose from — like Faith-based dates or kid-friendly dates for a full night of family fun.

To learn more about Date Night In Boxes, click here to see why David and I are obsessed with this innovative way to get us back to our days of sweet, fun, and intimate dates.

Check in with me next month so see how enjoy the next Date Night In Box.


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