Weekly Update: Beauty In The Mundane

Hi, friends!

Some weeks are more eventful than others. I know you can relate to this. And this week was one of those more uneventful weeks. But, don’t worry! I still have some things to share with you.

I thought it might be fun to give a rundown of what my day-to-day actually looks like — and ultimately my week. This week was a perfect example of a “standard” week for David and I so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to share a more detailed look at what you might call the more mundane parts of my life.


I almost forgot…I did do something exciting this week — I launched the YouTube channel for The Sweetly Co.!!This is where I’m sharing meaningful messages and weekly vlogs with a few little surprises thrown in. You can check out the first few videos here. Be sure to subscribe so you are notified as soon as videos go up — I’m thinking Mondays & Thursdays will be new video days.

Monday – Wednesday

Monday through Wednesday are my big content creation days — these are the days I work like anyone else in an office would. I pull about 6-8 hours at my desk or creating content with videos or photos and I might have a random Post Office trip to ship out book orders.

David is usually gone when I get up around 6:30 and the only thing that allows me to rise that early is the smell of coffee. The main reason I get up so early even though I work from home is because I love a slow morning. So, I grab my coffee, take the dog out, and settle into my favorite seat by the window in our sun-room. This is where I dig into a devotional and get in some journal-time. Because so much of my content revolved around writing, I like to keep this part of my brain constantly working. And journaling allows me to work those muscles while creating something that isn’t shared with the world. I spend a few minutes scrolling Instagram and then I get into my workout clothes.

I do a 30 minute workout — usually just pilates or yoga — and by then I’m starving. So, I make breakfast (usually eggs and a bagel. With the rest of my coffee in hand, I turn on a podcast and get my day started. I get dressed, make the bed, start a load of laundry, and tidy up from breakfast. After that, I settle into work for the morning (with more coffee).

Mondays are heavy days — they involve scheduling content for the week, editing videos and blogs posts, catching up on emails, and creating lots of new content. I usually have a late lunch (this is when I will also do my more in-depth bible studying) and wrap up around 4pm. After that I jump into cleaning — I have a super scheduled routine for keeping the house tidy and I don’t call it a day until that list is completely checked off. David usually pulls up the drive about the time I start making dinner and the rest of the evening is spent just trying to enjoy each others’ company before we turn in (usually around 9:30 because that morning alarm comes early).


On Thursdays my morning looks much the same as the beginning of the week, but I usually spend the mid-morning doing something that helps me fill up after three days of pouring myself into content. My favorite thing to do is grab a book and head off to a coffee shop for a couple of hours. I don’t allow myself to take any work with me and I try to spend the entire time reading rather than scrolling through social media.

After feeling all filled up I’ll head home, eat a quick lunch, and then settle into my office for more content creating. I usually find I’m more inspired after breaking up my routine a bit.


Fridays are my open days. I save these days for friends who want to grab coffee, deep cleaning, home improvement projects, or driving to visit family. I still create content on these days but I normally don’t jump on Instagram or spend a lot of time in my office. I take care of anything immediate that needs to be handled and then I invest the rest of the day in my home, my family, or my friendships.


Saturdays are wild cards. David often works weekends from April – September, which means I spend a lot of Saturdays just sleeping in on my own and getting things done around the house. I might go for a little light shopping or even squeeze in a little work — because I CANNOT STAY AWAY — and I usually make more elaborate and decadent meals on Saturday evening.

David and I don’t go out a lot. If he has an entire Saturday off we might take off for a little road trip to a neighboring town or go catch a movie but otherwise we like to keep it simple with Netflix at home or just enjoying having some down-time together in sweat pants and t-shirts.


Sundays are my favorite. We get up early and catch the first service at church (8:30am) and head home for brunch around 11am. I’ll whip up some french toast or a breakfast quiche and we usually fall asleep on the sofa with a movie playing.

I’ll spend the afternoon chatting with my mom, prepping for the week ahead, and enjoying a half-glass of wine and a good book. By the time we turn in I’m honestly excited to wake up to a new week of creating content.

So, there you have it: a typical week for me. I know I’m super boring…but that is honestly what this season of life looks like and after many seasons of high-speed it feels nice to cruise on slow for a while. I’ve come to really appreciate the mundane and see the beauty of life within it.

David and I didn’t do much this weekend worth vlogging — so, we decided to do a fun video for you guys: we play the not-so-newlywed game. And it is hilarious! Take a look at some of our laughable answers below:

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