Weekly Update: Mother’s Day & A Health Scare

I’ve noticed something since I started posting these little updates on Mondays…I am much more aware of things in my life worth talking about. A little moment or event will occur and I’ll think I should jot that down so I don’t forget to tell them. I have also noticed that I never jot things down.

Essentially, I forget about 80% of the things I intend to share with you here. But, hey, I remember the 20% that really matters.

A Health Scare

So, I’ll jump right into the super stressful part of our week — our pup had quite a concerning health scare.

Hezekiah, our eight-year-old Siberian Husky, seemed a little off last Sunday when we arrived home from church. Since he is a bit older we sort of assumed his joints were aching — since he was walking oddly and it was a particularly rainy day. As the week went on, however, he only seemed to get worse. Lost his appetite, restless, moving slowly, lost interest in physical activity and toys. Wednesday morning he seemed better. Eating, drinking water, wagging his tail. We figured a trip to the vet would still be wise so we called in and made an appointment for the earliest availability — Saturday.

But, by that evening all of his limbs were stiff and he was almost completely incapable of standing up. So, off to the animal hospital we went. I feel I should tell you that Hezekiah weighs about 75 pounds and David was scheduled to be out of town for work last week. Thankfully, the schedule changed and he was home — which meant at least one of us was capable of lifting him into the car. I have no clue what I would have done on my own. Despite some modern notions, men are still necessary.

After a late night at the animal hospital, where he was so well taken care of, we discovered two things affecting his health. A neck/back injury of some sort seemed to be impacting his ability to walk comfortably — though we have no clue where this came from but can only assume it happened while we were in church that Sunday. Plus, he tested positive for Lyme’s disease — the vet was unsure that this was actually affecting his mood or pain levels, but he needed treatment regardless. So, we opted to treat him symptomatically, desperate to just get him some pain relief. The vet gave him a powerful sedation for immediate relief and sent us home with muscle relaxers, pain relievers, and antibiotics (for the Lyme’s).

It took three days to see a noticeable difference in him, but by yesterday morning he was starting to gain his appetite back, play with toys, and seem more like his usual self. And I must say, I have welcomed every single second of seeing his personality again — I even missed him running to the kitchen when I start to make breakfast and begging for any scraps I might possibly spare. It is so good to have him back.

He will be on antibiotics for a total of 30 days and given muscle relaxers as needed. Praise the Lord for animal hospitals that are open all night — vets are amazing humans.

Mother’s Day

I didn’t want to let this week go by without talking about the women we celebrate this time of year. I live about an hour away from my mom at this point so it’s fairly convenient for me to drive down and visit. In fact, I did that twice this week. My mom has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. She knows all of my secrets – yep, ALL of them. She shares my obsession with chocolate and coffee. And there is no one else I would rather split an entire cheesecake with.

Funny story: when I was younger my mom and I had a tradition of sneaking cheesecakes into the house, hiding them from my dad and brother, and then getting up late at night to indulge ourselves with a slice. We usually did this while watching Friends. If you’re a fan of the show then you surely remember the cheesecake episode in which Chandler and Rachel consume about three cheesecakes, claiming they are irresistible. When Joey discovers them in the middle of devouring an entire cheesecake between the two of them and questions what exactly they are eating they tell a little white lie to scare him off so as not to lose a single bite. Rachel tells Joey it’s “tofu cake” and that does the trick, effectively grossing him out. Of course, my mom and I were bound to get caught with our secret cheesecake so we tried the same trick. When my brother caught us with what looked like dessert we told him it was our new diet cake made of tofu. And, just as with Joey, he rejected our offer to join in. That is still one of my favorite memories.

So, my mom and I are BFFs. And I just wanted to take a moment to say how incredibly grateful I am to have been born into one of the best friendships I have ever known. And I know that I would not be who or where I am today had it not been for the countless prayers she has prayed in the past 25 years. Moms are also amazing humans.


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  1. Nduku says:

    Thank you for the post. I haven’t been the best of friends with my mom but I am trying little by little to create an amazing friendship. At this point I am not sure about telling her my everything. Hope I will get there

  2. Tamara Bronson-Mulder says:

    I too was best friends with my Mother. She passed into heaven about 19 months ago. Grief… something you’ll never get over, but learn to live through. Never take your Mother for granted. I never did, so no regrets. But, missing her earthly self. How she loved me so deeply. Yes, I was the baby. Last child, of three and separated by 11 and 9 years from older siblings.
    I know right where Mother is living, in her soul life- with Christ. Praise God for Mother’s .

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