Monthly Obsessions Round Up: May

New topic alert! I’ve been brainstorming as much as I possibly can to keep a full arsenal of blog post ideas ready for you guys so that you get consistent content from me. And all of that brainstorming has led me to this: a monthly round up of all my current obsessions.

You guys regularly message me over on Instagram to ask about the shoes I’m wearing, the podcasts I’m listening to, or what coffee I’m drinking. So, I figured, why not keep it simple and round it all up into one post every single month? Of course, if you hate this idea, just tell me. But, as with all of my content, I am determined to give you only what is valuable. So, everything listed in these posts are truly something I am obsessed with, can’t get enough of, or can’t seem to stop talking about. I’ll be breaking these down into categories each month — categories won’t change but the products/platforms/ideas always will.

Are we ready? Alright, here is my Monthly Obsession Round Up for May:

1. Beauty & Skin Care

Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Clay Mask

Most of you know by now that I am determined to find and use only natural skin care products from now until I die. With sensitive, acne prone skin I cannot say enough how much this has helped me eliminate some of the irritants my skin was dealing with for a long time. You can see the story about how I switched all of my products HERE.

One product I have had a hard time replacing is face masks and skin detox products. Even the natural ones from companies I LOVE seem to cause burning, redness, and leave my skin dry. I’m guessing even some natural ingredients tend to dry out and burn my skin — which usually means more acne for this girl as my skin starts to produce more oil than is needed to make up for the dryness.

So, when I found this product and discovered that it worked AND left my skin hydrated, smooth, and burn-free i was in shock. I also LOVE the Exfoliating Clay Mask from Burt’s — another weekly use for me.

The Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Clay Mask has become my favorite weekly beauty routine. I usually use it once on the weekend and if I need a little skin pick-me-up during the week from using a lot of makeup or eating a lot of acne-inducing foods, I’ll use it a second time. It doesn’t dry out or overly-tighten my skin and it I think it smells luxurious. I love how moisturized my skin feels after, even though my pores feel open and clean.

2. Podcast

Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

If you know me well then you know I’m a podcast junkie. I can’t get enough of them and I love a good mix of topics. I regularly listen to business podcasts, theology podcasts, murder mysteries, news & politics, personal development, and I even have a few baking podcasts I like to tune into when the mood strikes.

This month I discovered my latest podcast obsession to binge while I make dinner or knock out chores around the house. It’s a mix of all my favorite topics: personal development, Christian topics, and some good old fashioned girl talk.

I have followed Stephanie for quite some time and we actually belong to the same Pinterest group for faith bloggers, but I only recently started listening to the podcast. Mostly because my list of podcasts I want to listen to is a mile long. Much like the stack of books I want to read, I just can’t get to them all fast enough. Can anyone relate?

Anyway, Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson has quickly become a go-to for encouragement and that nostalgic feeling of just chatting the night away with a girlfriend. She just started season 6 of the show and I can’t wait to hear the new content. As with most podcasts, there are a few topics that just simply don’t apply to my life in this season, but for the ones that do I feel uplifted and encouraged after tuning in.

If you’re looking for a podcast that fills up that part of your soul that longs for a good friend and a great conversation, then I would highly recommend subscribing to Stephanie’s show ASAP.

3. Food

Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars

Have I ever told you guys how much I love snacks? Or just food in general? During my time in the corporate working environment I was often pointed out as always having some sort of snack in my hand by coworkers and clients alike. I have also been known by my knack for finding healthy, wholesome snacks that I can feel good about (which means I play by the rules 90% of the time and the other 10% is strictly reserved for cupcakes).

One of the biggest struggles about finding good-for-you packaged snacks is finding ones that deliver on taste and satisfaction. Enter Nature’s Bakery. I recently discovered their Whole Wheat Fig Bars and I am…well, obsessed! This has become my favorite snack to grab while I’m creating content for you guys and it actually satisfies my 2pm hunger and sweet tooth. These hearty snacks are Non GMO, plant based, and have no soy or artificial flavors.

Courtesy of Nature’s Bakery

There are seven flavors in the fig bar category (including lemon & peach apricot!) and countless other tasty snacks in the Nature’s Bakery collection. In fact, I am slowly working my way through everything they have because, as I said before, this girl loves a good snack.

4. Shows/TV

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Okay, so I might be a little late to the game on this one. But, I stumbled across this addicting show a couple of weeks ago when The Hubs was traveling for work and I had Netflix all to myself. I LOVE a good murder mystery series and we just wrapped up our Sherlock binge so I was feeling a little empty in that area.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries happened to appear in my recommended list (thanks, Sherlock) and after about three seconds of watching the preview snippet I was sold. I haven’t stopped watching it since. I adore everything about this show: the lovable characters, the mind-boggling murders, and the elegant 20s flapper fashion choices of Detective Phryne Fisher.

There are currently three seasons available on Netflix and word on the street is that a full-length movie will be available for viewing soon. Which is wonderful news because this girl is going to be super sad when there are no more new episodes to tune into.

5. Style & Apparel

Loom Way Of Life Slip-On Travel Shoes

If you have followed me on Instagram for a while then you may have already heard me talk about this product and how obsessed I am with it. About a year ago Loom Way Of Life reached out to me to try out their slip-on travel shoes and since I was already considering investing in them I jumped for joy when they arrived in the mail. I wear these CONSTANTLY. Especially this time of year.

Though they are intended for easy travel, I use them in so many ways in my daily life. I throw them on for a stroll through our neighbor, I sport them while getting housework done, and I regularly wore them when my job required being on my feet for eight hours. They are hands-down the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned and after a year of wearing them non-stop, they are still in excellent condition.

If all of that weren’t enough, Loom donates 10% of profits to the Maasai Beaded Project to help eliminate limits for the women of Kenya. The mission behind this brand is even better than the high-quality product they provide. With multiple styles and colors available, these difference-making shoes can fit into any life or style structure.

6. Drinks/Coffee

Stok Cold Brew Coffee

Alright…do I even need to say it? I am OBSESSED with coffee. I easily drink 3-4 cups a day and treats from Starbucks or our local coffee shop is what I live for. During the spring and summer I cannot get enough of iced coffee. That said, if I hit up the coffee drive thru down the street every time the iced coffee cravings call we would probably need to sell a car to make up the financial difference.

But, I have found the BEST way to enjoy iced coffee at home. I keep Stok Cold Brew Coffee on hand at all times and, when I feel the need for caffeine, I pour myself a tall glass over ice with a little lactose-free milk and sip away the afternoon.

The Not-Too-Sweet flavor is my go-to but there are Vanilla and Mocha versions that I am dying to try out. There is also an Oat Milk option that will be filling this dairy-free gals fridge as soon as the local grocery store gets stock.

This is definitely the BEST bottled cold brew I have tried, and from what I can tell it is also the most affordable. I can’t get enough of the stuff and my husband, who isn’t the world’s biggest coffee fan, regularly indulges as well. The reason? A low and slow brew like Stok makes for a smooth coffee without the bitterness that seems to plague the non-coffee drinkers of the world.

7. Books & Reads

No Other Gods by Kelly Minter

I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. what devotionals and bible studies I enjoy using. And the truth is…I am SO PICKY. You guys know that I easily get turned-off by devotionals that are anything but biblically sound and I will quickly dismiss a bible study that promotes self-acceptance over salvation-acceptance. But this gem from Kelly Minter ROCKED MY FAITH in the best way.

If you think you don’t struggle with idolatry, then you need to dive head (or heart) first into this bible study. I was blessed to have the opportunity to share this study with a wonderful group of ladies, but you can totally work through this on your own.

No Other Gods will leave you convicted in ways you thought you never could be and let me tell you…it is so refreshing to have a bible study that lifts up Jesus rather than the reader. Encouragement is great and all…but this bible study goes beyond the need we have to be encouraged and digs deep into the need we have for the only true God.

Looking for more of my book recommendations? Click here.

8. Home

Blooms & Stems

If you don’t already know, I used to work full-time as an interior designer and I even take on a few clients from time-to-time these days. So, my love for all things Home has never died. And I love sharing my tips and fave products with you guys in hopes of helping you make your own space feel more like home.

With spring finally settling in and all the gorgeous blooms around our neighborhood — I swear every neighbor we have seems to have the prettiest landscaping and the lack of love our own yard has seen is starting to show — I start to crave a house full of greenery and blooms. That said, the plants INSIDE of our house get tons of love. I try to have a good mix of real and faux plants. Anything real is used to purify our air and keep things fresh in our home. And the faux ones? Well, those are just for making things pretty!

So, I thought I would link some of my favorite faux blooms and stems to use this time of year:

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Champagne Peonies

9. Bonus

Afternoon Walks

I’ve mentioned this a few times over on The Gram lately, but I love an afternoon walk this time of year. It’s warm enough to get some sun on my shoulders and break a small sweat if we decide on the more taxing route and it’s still cool enough to avoid feeling drained and exhausted from the sun exposure. If we decide on a shorter walk (less than a mile) then we take our Siberian Husky along and he loves the extra exercise.

These walks are good for this working-from-home gal who needs fresh air, they give David and I a chance to talk about our day, and are honestly a huge stress reliever during a busy season. Plus, a little extra exercise never hurt anyone.

Alright guys, that’s our round-up for May. I hope you found some good recs and hopefully feel like you have a better look into the behind-the-scenes part of this little life of mine. Let me know if you have things you would love to see added for next month or if there are actual product suggestions you have for the categories I listed today.

Looking for more of my favorite product recommendations? Find all my faves here.

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