Never Going Back: Why I Switched To Primally Pure Natural Deodorant

I honestly cannot believe I am even writing this post. Why? Because when I started my journey to replace all of my toxic products with cleaner versions last year I knew deodorant would be the toughest one to switch out. And so it proved to be. But, rest assured, I have FINALLY found the best natural deodorant on the market and I am never going back to drugstore brand antiperspirant.

Why Did I Switch?

There is a lot of talk starting to circulate about the harmful ingredients in most deodorants. The presence of aluminum is the topic we hear covered the most. However, even in the aluminum-free deodorants, we still see ingredient lists with tons of harmful things like artificial colors, parabens, phthalates, and harmful fragrance additives.

I honestly didn’t take much of that seriously. Mostly because I had no clue how harmful those ingredients are but also because I believed that switching would mean that I would have to sacrifice quality and effectiveness. But once I discovered that deodorants full of chemicals and aluminum are one the worst things women (and men) can put on their bodies I decided it was time for a change. So, my resolution for 2018 was to switch out all of my toxic beauty and skin care products and I was determined to keep that resolution (you can read that post HERE). Shockingly, I actually did manage to switch everything out with a cleaner product by the end of that year. But, there was a catch…

Making The Switch

When I first started trying to replace my drug store antiperspirant with a cleaner version, I went into it completely blind. Meaning, I went to the same store I always do and looked for the cheapest deodorant that said “natural” and “aluminum free” on the label. Did I actually look at the ingredients? Nope. Did I look up reviews on what brands actually worked? Not at all.

My ill-prepared action plan for replacing my harmful deodorant completely backfired. The first brand I tried seemed to make me sweat even MORE — of course, I didn’t know at the time that I should have expected an increase in sweating for the first couple of weeks as my body acclimated to the lack of pore-closing aluminum and detoxed itself from the harmful ingredients I’ve been using since I was 12. Regardless, I tossed the cheaper product after a couple of weeks and returned to the drug store.

This time I grabbed another affordable deodorant that claimed to be natural. It smelled AWFUL. And I remember trying to avoid standing too closely to co-workers so they didn’t wonder why I smelled like I’d taken a bath in the stuff you rub on sore muscles. The other downside? I had to buy another stick every other week! It was dwindling way too quickly than was economically savvy.

Round three: I found one that sort-of worked and smelled delicious. I still hadn’t bothered to actually read any of the ingredients at this point, just trusting the “natural” sticker on the front of the label. I had to apply this one 2-3 times a day. But, at least it was working before it wore off. By this time, a full year had passed since my resolution.

Fast forward a couple of months into the early parts of 2019 and I start to notice something odd one night while in the shower. Actually, I started to notice a lot of odd things. First, I could not stop scratching my arm pits! Even standing in the shower and scrubbing away at my skin didn’t seem to relieve the itch. Shaving was painful. And when I looked in the mirror (as I applied my third round of deodorant that day) I noticed the skin under my arm was discolored, flaky, and just plain gross to look at it.

The next day I realized I couldn’t put my arms all the way down because allowing the skin under my arms to touch even the softest of t-shirts was beyond uncomfortable — it was downright painful. After dealing with this for a couple of weeks, inspecting my under arms every night to see if they were getting any better, I realized what started as itching and dryness and turned into full-blown burns on my skin. Brown and red splotches covered my under arms and I could hardly touch them without wincing — let alone apply deodorant three times a day.

Having Second Thoughts

After everything this “natural deodorant” had caused I honestly came super close to just purchasing my old favorite toxic brand and just saying forget it to this product cleanse. Burnt underarms was so not worth it. I walked past the brand I gave up the year before more than once on a trip to Target but just couldn’t bring myself to place it in my cart.

Instead, I decided to give it one more shot. This time, I was actually going to research what product I should get. I was convinced there couldn’t be a single deodorant that was actually free of harmful ingredients and still worked. One more try, I thought, and then I’m switching back to Old Faithful. And to google I went-a-searchin’.

My research consisted of reading review after review of some of the leading brands in natural deodorant — most of which I’d already tried and was not at all impressed with. But, one brand started to stand out to me. With what appeared to be nearly 100% positive reviews, I couldn’t ignore that this brand was starting to look more and more like the way to go.


After reading countless positive reviews of the Primally Pure Natural Deodorant I decided this was likely going to be my next, and final, product to test out. I read the story behind the brand, actually looked into the active ingredients in the product, and scrolled through review after review of people suffering from things just like I had (smelly products, chemical burns, and ineffective replacements) and finally finding some relief in Primally Pure.

I have never added something to cart so quickly in my life.

I decided to try out the lavender scent as that was one of the most reviewed products and I jumped for joy when it arrived at my door. Mainly because I was looking forward to some relief for my burning armpits.

Before Trying Primally Pure

As difficult as it was not to rip off the packaging and start swiping the product on, I decided to wait and start fresh the next day. I wanted a clean slate. So, that night I spent a little extra time cleaning under my arms. I used a natural mint and oil scrub someone gave me for Christmas and tried to replenish some of the moisture that the other product had stripped. I slept without any deodorant on — something I can never recall doing before.

The Test

The next morning I tossed my other deodorants and applied my first swipes of Primally Pure. The lavender smelled sooo good! And so natural. This was a good start.

By lunch time I noticed something a little odd. I couldn’t smell the lavender. With some of the other deodorants I felt like I could always slightly smell the menthol-y scent throughout the day. Expecting to be greatly disappointed because this one had also failed me, I leaned in to check out the smells around my arms. Nothing.

I couldn’t smell anything. Darn.


I couldn’t smell anything! No odor, no overly-potent peppermint scent, no perfumes, no sweat. NO WAY, I thought. Was this actually working?

Two days later I had yet to sweat through a t-shirt or smell myself 2 hours after applying. And that night I noticed the one thing that instantly made me a forever-customer for Primally Pure: my underarms were not only feeling better…they were starting to heal! The redness and burning were gone. The odd, brown discoloration was getting smaller and lighter. My armpits weren’t unusually dry or overly moist — they were just right. I wasn’t itching. I wasn’t in pain.

Mission? Accomplished.

And I haven’t looked back since. I immediately took to social media to tell everyone my dirty little secret from the past year: that my underarms looked and felt terrible. BUT, I had finally found the only product that solved all of those issues without compromising my health.

Never Going Back

Just to recap, I will never, EVER, use any other deodorant. I love everything about PP. From the story behind the brand to the quality of the product to the amazing customer service team…I cannot speak highly enough of this natural deodorant.

All of the deodorants I tried before presented at least one, if not more, of the following issues:

  • toxic ingredients
  • false advertising
  • chemical burns
  • ineffective at masking odor
  • terrible or overpowering scent
  • skin discoloration
  • itching & skin irritation
  • requiring multiple uses a day
  • failing to work altogether
  • animal testing
  • dry skin
  • pain around underarm area
  • allergic reactions (from way too much baking soda)
  • product dwindles quickly / have to re-purchase too often

But, Primally Pure replaced all of them with nothing but positive qualities:

  • abundance of positive reviews
  • non-toxic ingredients
  • cruelty free
  • small amount of baking soda
  • lovely, mild scents
  • leaves skin soft & free of burns & discoloration
  • restored the health of my armpits (thank you, lavender! If you also have this issue I recommend the lavender scent as it has natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties)
  • made with organic ingredients
  • requires very little product to actually work / need to purchase far less than other brands
  • safe for pregnant women to use
  • amazing customer service
  • gorgeous branding & sturdy packaging
  • fewer ingredients (for purity & potency!)
  • ingredients sourced from family owned farms
  • compared to purchasing cheaper brands more frequently, PP is the more affordable option.

Do I need to keep going on about why I am never looking back now that I have made the switch to Primally Pure? I cannot say enough how relieved I am to have found a natural product that actually works — I truly thought my search was hopeless.

So, You Want To Try Primally Pure?

If you have been on the same long search for non-toxic deodorant that actually performs, then you have to give PP a shot. But, before you do so, I want to remind you of a couple of things:

First, if you have been using deodorant with aluminum up until this point, you may find that you will sweat a little more than normal when you first make the switch. This is your body’s natural reaction and it will pass within a week or two. So, go into your switch-up expecting a little more sweat than normal and be prepared. Wear breathable clothing, stay hydrated, try to eat as cleanly as possible, and be sure to clean thoroughly under your arms every time you shower. You might consider keeping an extra top on hand or maybe wiping your arms during the day if you need to. And maybe don’t switch up if you have an upcoming event like a wedding or some other stressful occasion that requires taking lots of photos. You can totally wait until the big day has passed.

Secondly, before you start applying PP, let your body reset for a few hours like I did. Take a shower the night before and thoroughly clean under your arms. Try a natural cleanser if you can. The one I used was technically a scrub so it was a little abrasive, but I felt it was the best thing I had on hand to properly prep. Try something with a natural moisturizing property so your arms don’t dry out over night. I also opted for a natural peppermint scent just as courtesy to my husband — just in case he rolled over to a gross arm pit in the middle of the night.

Most importantly, do not apply any deodorant after this cleanse. Sleep without deodorant that night and let your skin just breathe. I recommend sleeping in a tank or loose fitting top so your skin can really breathe throughout the night. I actually have a habit of sleeping with my arms above my head and I think this keeps me from sweating at night so you might try that for this night before your first application.

Once morning rolls around, just apply deodorant at the normal time you would. If you have never used a natural deodorant before don’t forget this little detail: natural deodorants need to be pressed against your skin for about 30 seconds to warm up the product for smoother application. Otherwise, you might feel a little pulling on your skin. Primally Pure goes on smoother than most other brands I have tried, but still allow at least a few seconds for it to soften against your skin before swiping.

And, finally, only use the recommended amount. For PP, they only recommend 2 swipes per arm. And trust me, that is enough to work all day! Only apply once a day (get used to showering at night if you can and going without deodorant until morning). Even after showering I still feel covered on odor and moisture so I have found it easy to stick to just one application in the morning. If you abide by these guidelines, your deodorant will last much longer. Which means you have more cash in your beauty budget!

You’re Ready To Make The Switch

So, that’s it: all my advice on how to switch up your deodorant and join the PP community.

But, before you get to shopping…I have a discount code for you!
Use code SWEETLY at checkout for 10% off your first order with Primally Pure. And you don’t have to use this on strictly deodorant: they also have excellent beauty creams, body scrubs, and dry shampoos.

Ready to start making the switch? CLICK HERE to fall in love with Primally Pure.

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