Life Lately: Paint & Pineapples

This was one of those Mondays when I just wanted to keep hitting snooze. Not because I didn’t want to greet the day and start working on all the things I’m passionate about. But because I am just straight up tired.

So tired that I considered skipping this little weekly life update and just doubling up next week. But, I already struggle with keeping the post short so I figured it might be best not to double up on anything. So, I decided to make an extra-large pot of coffee this morning, eat a good breakfast, and start knocking out that to-do list. And here I am.


Why am I so tired? Because this week was just full of all the things and my body is physically exhausted. As you may already know, we are in the process of updating our kitchen. And this weekend we tackled the bottom half of the cabinets. So, I type with paint-stained hands today. Speaking of kitchens, I had a flood of new clients for my interior design hustle this past week and all the meetings and creativity and shopping have left me a little depleted. That all said, I’m grateful. So grateful.

I’ve also been in the process of relocating my office space in our home (again with the home design, must be something in the air) and that is a big undertaking on its own. We have moved my desk and that’s about it. So, I’m working from an empty and open room but I’m super excited to get my hands on this space and channel some creativity into the room that will produce all the future content for you.

With all the designing and painting and normal work responsibilities for us both, David and I still managed to squeeze in our weekly date. We grabbed an early dinner on Friday at our favorite local place in our home town — hello, blackened chicken pesto pasta — and then treated ourselves to ice cream for dessert ( I do not recommend the S’mores Blizzard from Dairy Queen unless you ask for it without the graham crackers; the cardboard taste was not worth the tummy ache for this lactose-intolerant gal so I traded for some fresh fruit and made a yummy dessert on Saturday instead). We snuggled up for a movie night on the sofa and just enjoyed some down time in between a busy week and a busy weekend.

I hope your own weekend was equally productive and restful. I don’t know about you, but weekends are my jam.


With all of the house work and updating and organizing the office space this weekend I started to think about something that I knew but never really sat and pondered before: the idea of being a good steward of what God has given us. You know, our home is quite small. It would probably feel like a crazy house with even one extra person (nope, not a pregnancy announcement). Our kitchen still has the same original cabinets. Our appliances are not super new. Our back yard is small. And our 1940s construction means that there are tons of flaws in the walls, trim, and floors.

But, it’s our home. And it is one that we know, without a doubt, that God planned just for us. Finding our home was quite the journey (read that HERE) and I will never forget the day we finally moved in — I finally felt at home after years of transitioning between dorms and apartments and rentals and spare rooms in our familyies’ homes. And because we know God blessed us with this specific house for a reason, I think it’s so important to steward this blessing well.

What exactly does that mean? It means loving on our home. Upgrading when we can and keeping what we do have well maintained. It means inviting people over for meals and gatherings even though our yard is minuscule and our bathrooms are tiny. I’d rather have not enough space to go around for all the people in our home, than not enough people to fill the empty space. It means ignoring our old doors and seeing past the creaky floors so we can focus on the roof over our heads and the heat from our vents.

Stewarding something well is not just meant for those that appear to have everything. It’s intended for all of us. Whether what we have is grand or simple, we are meant to give it back to the Lord and then use it as best we can to point others to Him.

Don’t wait until you have the best kitchen for entertaining before you invite people over. Don’t keep your doors closed to hide your messes. Open your doors and say “well, here’s my mess. But, hey, I can still serve you through it.”

Friend, this doesn’t just apply to a home. This is for every part of our life. Whatever talents you have, no matter how insignificant they seem, use them. If your bank account adds up to very little, use that little bit to do whatever you can for someone else. If you are still kickin’ it your childhood bedroom, keep it tidy and never let a day pass without being grateful for that space to dwell. If we steward what we have well, that much more will be added it to it. Plus, a little gratitude can make all the difference on a dreary Monday.


It always seems that a week isn’t going to be super thought-provoking and I’m not going to have much content for these weekly updates. And then the weekend comes and it seems like I get a flood of revelations about life to share with you. Sometimes God really is last minute with these type of things.

This week I realized that I’ve been so busy trying to use all that I have to glorify God (and myself if I’m being honest) that I have never stopped to fully surrender everything to Him to do with it what He pleases.

David and I encountered a little uncertainty this weekend and some heartbreak over some events in our circle of friends. It was all quite discouraging. But, my wise and faithful husband thought this might be a good time to read a book.

A children’s book.

A picture book.

Like, for children.

On Sunday morning he and I sat in the living room while I sipped on my first cup of coffee and he read The Pineapple Story to me. If you have never heard or read this story, just look it up. It will totally reignite your faith. It’s a simple story structured for a simple reader, but a very powerful story nonetheless. And after he closed the book I realized how many things in my life I try to control and how very little I have fully surrendered to God’s will. I was pretty convicted on Sunday to say the least.

So, every time I thought of something that I had never verbally given up to the Lord in prayer before…I just did it right then and there. And my spirits were slowly lifted over the course of the day. I would seriously encourage you to do this — again, gratitude makes all the difference.

One tiny revelation to accompany this one came from a small little note my David left on the chalkboard in the kitchen. I have no idea when he did this. But I saw it some time Sunday afternoon and it was all the reassurance I needed. The chalkboard simply said: God Is So Good.

It didn’t say when He answers prayer He is good. It didn’t say when we get what we want He is good. And it didn’t say that when everything works out He is good. It just said GOD IS SO GOOD. You see, His goodness depends not on the answers to our prayers or the circumstances we find ourselves in our the condition of our political climate. He is good, always. And….say it with me….always, He is good.

I’m going to leave you on that note, friend. Until next week.


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