My Method For Intentional Prayer

If you’re new around here: Hi! I’m so glad you found your way to my little internet corner. I hope you feel most welcomed. If you’re not new around here, then you probably already know how much I LOVE to talk about prayer.

Last year I wrote a post about praying big when you feel small and it blew up my blog. I still receive messages daily regarding that post. The whole thing even led me to write my very first devotional (which sold out TWICE) helping women discover the power in the process of prayer. You would think I’ve talked so much about prayer that I couldn’t possibly have more to say, but….here we are.

I get emails and DMs all the time asking about the process I use to pray intentionally. How do I make time? How do I focus? How do I sift through all the things on my mind that I want to bring to God? I thought I would answer all of those questions today by sharing my method for intentional prayer with you. I do this EVERY DAY and it has changed my prayer life in such an amazing way.

Developing The Method

There are two things I credit for the development of the method I’m going to share with you.

The first, is the movie War Room. If you haven’t watched this, I highly recommend it. It will completely change how you think about and approach prayer. In the movie one of the main characters becomes something of a prayer mentor for the protagonist. During their friendship she reveals her “war room,” which is essentially a prayer closet full of written prayers and scriptures taped to the walls. I won’t spoil everything, but let’s just say that closets covered in prayers becomes a regular occurrence in this movie.

Secondly, I am a check-list-loving, must-organize-everything, plan-it-all-out kind of girl. And I can’t help but apply organizational methods to most aspects of my life. I have no clue why I’m this way…but I know that I seriously cannot help it. I try to be humble about most things in life, but I can pretty much promise that you will never see a pantry or sock drawer quite as organized as mine.

So, my longing for a “war room” and an organized method for praying turned into what I’m sharing with you today.

No, I don’t have a prayer closet

Okay, before we go any further I need to tell you this: I don’t have a prayer closet. Or a “war room.” My house was built in the 40s and large closest were not a priority. So, our three tiny closets consist of mostly my clothes and David’s collection of ties. I thought about converting an entire room into a “war room,” but when accounting for my office and the need for some sort of guest room + storage…well, that just wasn’t an option.

But, don’t worry, I found a solution that ANYONE can use if they aren’t able to have a “war room” like the one in Miss Clara’s home.

The Method – Part One

My method is somewhat simple. I don’t over complicate things with tons of routines, tabs, highlighters, and sticky-notes (as much as I adore all of those things).

It all started with a notebook and a 3-ring binder. And from there I built a system that helps me pray boldly, specifically, and consistently. Here is what I do:

With a three-ring binder and a pack of sleeve protectors, I spend about 15-20 minutes a day compiling prayers. And what that has resulted in is a binder full of prayers for nearly everyone I know. I start with one page, write down someone’s name (like my husband, my best friend, my brother, or anyone else on my mind in that moment) and write a prayer of thankfulness. I thank God for placing them in my life. I thank Him for specific things about that person or ways they have impacted my life. Then I make a column of words to verbally pray over them: like peace, comfort, wisdom, rest, endurance, joy, etc.

From there, I find one to two verses of scripture to pray over them and write that down as well (if you need a little help with this, try the Epistles or Proverbs). From this point, I will turn to this page any time I have a new prayer to add. If something comes up in their life or God lays a prayer on my heart, I write a brief (but very specific) prayer somewhere on the page. Then, during my prayer time, I read prayers from that page (out loud — this is super important), always being sure to pray over or read through the column of words as well as the scripture verse.

As I have added prayers, some people have gained multiple pages in the binder. And as I see prayers answered I make notes or add highlights. When God lays a new person on my heart, I start a new page with a new name. Every day is different, but this generally takes less than half an hour to commit to each day. If I don’t have time to do a lot of writing on certain days, I at least make sure to pray over a handful of pages.

The Method – Part 2

You might be wondering if I have a page for myself in the binder.

And the answer is: no.

Instead, I keep a prayer journal. This is where I write out worries, stress, thoughts, deep personal prayer needs, and prayer letters to the Lord. I try to fill out one page a day (of an average size journal) and I never read these prayers out loud. These are my heart prayers and I like to keep those strictly on paper for some reason. Maybe I’m worried the devil will hear? Maybe I just like to keep these quiet in my heart for only the Lord to hear. Or, maybe I’m deeply embarrassed by about 98% of what I write in that journal. Either way, that is the method I’ve adopted for personal prayers.

It seems odd, right? I have one binder committed to all the prayers I have for others…but I have dedicated an entire book to myself? This isn’t because I want to pray for myself more than anyone else. It’s because my prayer journals are a documentation of my relationship with Jesus. And writing is how I best express myself. So, I write to Him. And I keep those written prayers between He and I. It’s the first thing I do as part of my quiet time each day. Getting all the anxieties and thoughts crowding my brain down on paper and giving them over to the Lord is the very best way to start my day and my prayer time. Once I have all of that on paper and no longer bogging down my mind, I can focus better on the other people I want to be praying for that day.

Make Your Own

Making prayer time intentional and consistent does not need to be a complicated affair. If approached with a clear and simple method you are sure to succeed in prioritizing this important part of your walk with Christ. It’s honestly quite easy.

And I’ve made it EVEN EASIER for you by doing all the work for you. All you have to do is show up and spend some time praying. My method has made it so much easier to show up every day and spend some quality time in prayer. So, I went ahead and created an entire (and FREE) printable prayer plan to share with you.

Here’s how it works: you only need to provide a couple of things to the mix and I’ll provide the rest.

First, this is what you will need:

  • 3-ring binder
  • binder sleeve protectors
  • your fave pen
  • any pretty stickers, colorful pens, and highlighters you would like to use (these are totally optional)

That’s it! I’ve already taken care of the rest for you.

I’ve created a guided printable download with every page you need for your prayer book, including the full guide for how to use my prayer method. This includes prayer pages for certain people, prayer pages for certain situations, the full how-to guide, and a couple of little bonuses just for fun. You can download this entire guide, completely for free, below.

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