Obsessions Round Up: June

Last month I started a new series over here at The Sweetly Co. and you guys really seemed to enjoy it so I’m bringing it back for June and I’m thinking this is going to be one of my fave new traditions. Each month I’m rounding up nine things I’m totally obsessing over during that particular month. So, you’ll find everything from my current favorite snack to my latest Netflix obsession and everything in between. Here are my obsessions for June.

1. Beauty & Skin Care

Primally Pure Natural Deodorant

Earlier this month I shared my long and my painful journey to finally finding a natural deodorant that actually works and doesn’t leave me with under arm irritation and chemical burns. You can read the full post here.

Because I’m still so excited about finding this amazing product, I just had to include it in my obsessions round up for June. And I truly am obsessed with it. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen about how much this deodorant has changed the game for me. Right now I’m really loving the Lavender scent but I’m excited to try the other options they have as well since everything has excellent reviews.

I honestly could make this entire post about my love for this company and this particular deodorant, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. This stuff is priceless. And nothing compares. If you want to give it a try you can click here and use code SWEETLY for 10% off your first purchase with Primally Pure.

2. Podcast

Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey

If you read last month’s obsession round up (you can catch up here) then you know that I am a self-proclaimed podcast junkie and that I cannot accomplish a single task without a podcast playing.

I have a long subscribe list on my podcast player app. So, I get notifications constantly about new episodes from all my fave podcasters. BUT, the only one that i immediately click to listen to as soon as the episode is available is Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey. I seriously cannot get enough of this girl. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I wake up genuinely excited to listen in to her latest episode while I make breakfast or get ready for the day.

Allie is like that friend that tells you exactly what you need to hear even when you don’t want to hear it, aka: the kind of friend we all need. She seamlessly meshes theological applications with cultural issues and current events. She can lift your spirit and convict you all in one sentence and it is honestly a breath of fresh air. She is incredibly intelligent, unapologetic in her quest to to tell the truth to her listeners, and truly artistic in her writing and speaking structure.

And though all of those things are wonderful reasons to tune in to Allie’s show, my absolute favorite quality about her may shock you. She is the sassiest person I’ve ever heard through the speakers of my phone. She doesn’t sugar coat and she isn’t all about pleasing the ears of her listeners. Instead, she eloquently delivers biblical truth and reason with the best kind of sarcasm and wit. One episode of Relatable can leave me laughing, uplifted, convicted, and fired up about our current social issues all at one time.

photo courtesy of Apple Podcasts

If you’ve been around this little corner of the internet for any length of time then you have probably heard me mention how much I despise all the fluff we constantly see here in the Christian influencer community (I actually wrote about this in a previous post). I am much more hungry for real followers of Jesus to point toward the truths of scripture rather than just continually tell me I’m beautiful and worthy. And that is exactly what Allie does. There is no fluff in her podcast whatsoever — unless you count her occasional and hilarious conversations about her pets.

If you’re looking for a podcast that fires you up and helps you truly understand biblical applications, you have to go check out Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey.

3. Food

Dave’s Killer Bread: Epic Everything Organic Bagels

I love breakfast foods. I could eat them for every meal and be completely happy for life. And one of my favorite breakfast foods is bagels. I love to have them topped with avocado and sriracha with a side of eggs and turkey sausage.

But here’s the thing…I am a busy gal. And I need a breakfast that is going to stick with me while I check off all the things on my to-do list each day. And that is why I love the organic bagels from Dave’s Killer Bread. I get to have my favorite breakfast every day and not only do I have tons of energy to sustain me until the afternoon, but I can also feel really good about what I’m putting in my body. You know how much I love a food or snack that also does good things for me.

These bagels have 27g of whole grains and 12g protein per serving. Not to mention they are sooo yummy (especially with that avocado & sriracha, trust me on this one) and I think they are actually thicker and more filling than the average bagel.

image courtesy of daveskillerbread.com

So, if you have deprived yourself of morning carbs because it’s hard to balance it with enough protein, it’s time to upgrade to Dave’s. There are four bagel varieties plus a huge selection of other breakfast breads to fall in love with. CLICK HERE to see for yourself.

Shows & TV

YouTube Binging

With baseball season in full-swing, David and I aren’t tuning in to Netflix or fave shows, but rather watching all the games we can. So, I’ve been turning to my old pal YouTube when I’m not up for watching a game. And I thought it might be fun to list some of my favorite YouTubers so you can go check them out. I actually have an odd mix of content creators that I like to tune in to.

Lately I’ve been super obsessed with watching home organizing videos and cleaning routines. That spring cleaning fever hit me hard this year. But, I like to mix in entertaining creators, vloggers, and how-to videos for a good selection. All of the YouTubers I’m listing today are ones I’m actually subscribed to and watch daily or whenever they upload. If you have ones you would suggest, sound off in the comments!

Jordan Page

Amy Darley

Squirmy & Grubs

Jungling The Jenkins

Style & Apparel

Jillian Landry Designs Boutique

If there is anything I love more than coffee, it might be shopping. Specifically for clothes. Call me a girly-girl, but 90% of my childhood memories involve shopping with women in my family. And I think I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting a deal or quality clothing when I see it. Not to mention the trendiest pieces.

You may have heard me mention my friend Jillian and her online boutique before. Because I love her heart for the brand and because she has excellent taste! Plus, she loves a good deal too. Basically my shopping soulmate. Jill and I connected over Instagram before her shop opened last year and I’ve been raving about it ever since. This girl boss has the sweetest heart and a deep love for Jesus.

courtesy of jillianlandry.com

Everything I own from Jillian’s boutique is as cute as it is comfy. She speaks straight to my girly-girl heart. Whether you need basics or something with a little more pizzazz, Jill’s boutique has it all. And she is so sweet to give my readers a special 15% discount on a purchase (just use code SYDNEY15 at checkout). Her prices are already crazy good so this really is a can’t-miss deal!

Be sure to follow Jill on Instagram for daily outfit inspiration and to keep up with her beautiful family.


Nestle Coffee Mate: Natural Bliss Almond Milk Creamer

So, I love coffee. You already know that about me. Actually, it’s more like a full on obsession at this point. But, when I discovered how badly my skin reacts to dairy I was honestly so sad because all of the best parts about a good cup of coffee comes down to the cream.

So, I tried every single non-dairy creamer out there. And here is what I found: the natural ones, though yummy, still contained dairy. And the non-dairy ones, though semi-yummy, often contain harmful additives. I was so stuck! Until I tried this cream from Coffee Mate. Not only is it natural and non-dairy, but it tastes amazing! I’m not a fan of almond milk at all — it is my last choice of milk alternative. But, this honestly tastes like straight vanilla creamer. I truly cannot tell that it’s almond milk.

photo courtesy of coffeemate.com

Take it from a coffee-obsessed gal who loves creaminess but hates adult acne: this has beat out all of the other non-dairy creamer I have found. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to now be able to enjoy creamy coffee treats without compromising my health. Thank you, Coffee Mate!

Books & Reads

The Perfect Notebooks – Mara Mi Collection

So, maybe this doesn’t count as something you read. But, this is something I use every day.

I have to use notebooks and calendars and folders to keep up with my to-do lists and everything else. And I’m super picky about the ones I use. I recently found a brand that I absolutely love! The style of notebooks they offer are so beautiful (and functional!) and I find myself constantly sifting through their collection (I’m a bit obsessed with paper goods). I love that their bound journals lay totally flat and are sturdy enough to withstand my constant jotting.

So, I’ve linked some items that I personally use below and a few from my own wish list. You’ll notice that I’m partial to their Caffeine Club Collections because, well…coffee.


Pantry & Fridge Organization

This spring I have been absolutely OBSESSED with getting my entire house fully organized. We’ve been in this house for 2.5 years so it’s about darn time. And with that I have had to turn to Amazon and start investing in some organizational tools for my pantry and fridge.

So, today I’m sharing all of my favorite fridge and pantry organization pieces that help me make a place for everything and keep everything in it’s place:

Stackable Storage
Air-Tight Containers
Spice Storage
Food Packet Caddy
Fridge Bins
lazy susan



I have always been terrible at budgeting. It’s something I’m working on, but in the past I have been the type that meal-plans for the entire week yet never pays attention to how much I’m actually spending in food. However, I have made one simple change that has allowed me to cash in about $170 in the past couple of months.

I simply downloaded the Ibotta App, added my favorite stores, and whenever I plan meals for the week I just add those items in the app and once I finish at check-out I scan my receipt and receive instant cash. The payout threshold is only $20 and it’s super easy to hit that amount! Plus, there are new bonuses every month that make it even easier to rack up cash quickly.

courtesy of Apple App Store

So, even though I’m not good at budgeting, it turns out I am pretty good at making money on the things I’m going to buy anyway. Even some of the things I have already mentioned here in this post. And there are tons of things to cash in on! Clothing, items for your home, subscription services, and tons of groceries. I honestly wish I had signed up a long time ago…can you imagine the money I would have made?

If you want to get started with Ibotta you can CLICK HERE and use my referral code – gsptrwo – to start earning cash on the things you already buy.

That’s our round-up for June. I would love to know about what you are loving this month — who knows, it might end up in my next round-up!

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