Making Marriage Fun: Bringing Back The Laughs

As I’m writing this, David and I are approaching our three year wedding anniversary in two months. Part of me feels like it’s been twice that long and part of me feels like we just got home from the honeymoon last week. And with that said, one thing that has not only remained a constant for us but has actually increasingly grown is the amount of fun we have and how much we laugh together.

Fun in marriage is exactly what I want to share with you today. Mainly because I think it’s such an important part of all relationships that can sometimes get put on the back burner. I mean…think about it: why do you love spending time with your best friend? Because it’s fun! Why did you love hanging out with your spouse when you first met? Because it was fun!

So, most people who know me well would quickly confirm this statement: I am a goofball. I love to laugh, I try not to take life too seriously, and I attempt to make whatever I’m doing as fun as possible. I don’t get embarrassed easily and I’m not shy at all. And while I know those qualities need not exist in every single person, I do believe they should exist in every marriage.

Fun is what keeps us from staying stuck in a rut. Fun and laughter is what makes all the stress and trials and worries seem a little less heavy, even for just a few moments. Laughing together is usually the very first bond we share with our spouses. So, today I’m sharing all of the ways that David and I keep fun a focus in our marriage.

Movie Nights with A Twist

Movie nights are usually a staple for most couples. Whether it’s a trip to the cinema or just a night in with Netflix, most of us would say movies are one of our go-tos for quality time. And we love movie nights too — but, we like to do something a little different from time to time: We take turns ordering some of our fave movies on Amazon and introducing the other one to movies we loved from before we met. We try to stick to feel-good movies and comedies so we can have a light-hearted and laughter-filled evening.

Some of the best laughs we have had is watching movies one of us loved as a kid and then realizing how absolutely terrible it is and laughing together all the way through the movie. And we don’t hold back either — we are not above poking a little fun at each other for enjoying a less-than-perfect movie.

Game Night Two Ways

We love a fun evening of board games and laughter. And we have two approaches: we love to invite friends and family over for couples game nights and we love to have a game night between just the two of us and choose games that are suitable for two players (Battle Ship is a favorite of ours). We usually order in, make ice cream sundaes, or open a bottle of wine for the evening.

Date Night In Subscription

I’ve talked about our favorite monthly subscription box a few times (check out my detailed post about it here). This has been a huge source of fun and laughter for us. Every month we dig into a box full of everything we need to for a night in together. Dinner menu, discussion guide, hands-on team projects, purposeful games, provided snacks, romantic playlist, and tools to set the mood: The Date Night In Box provides literally everything we need to enjoy quality time inside the comfort of our own home.

The very best part is that it costs less than a dinner out at our favorite restaurant or a trip to the movies. Plus, we can enjoy the entire date in our fave sweats. Of course, we try to make it a special evening and set the mood as best we can — you can read my tips on how to make the most of your date night in here. And with all of that said, I still think one of my favorite parts of the Date Night In Box is how much we both laugh all through the date. Sometimes the DIY challenges are not suited to our skills — but we have so much fun trying to complete them together. Sometimes the discussion guide leads us down rabbit trails and we find ourselves talking and giggling and telling stories just like when we first started dating. And the games? We have so much fun laughing at each other and engaging in some healthy competition while enjoying the two-player games included in the box.

Some of the most laughter-filled moments have been from the instructional videos included in some of the recent boxes. We’ve giggled our way through learning Swedish massages, how to create yarn art, and how dance. We have an absolute blast learning together.

If you want to try Date Night In for yourself, click HERE to get your first box.

Reliving Childhood

David and I have discovered one of the easiest ways to start laughing, de-stress, and bond is by reliving some of the best parts of our childhoods together. We absolutely love breaking out the video games and gaming systems of our childhood, snacking on sugary cereals, and jamming out to 90s Disney tunes. We have had some of the best moments, literally in the floor and laughing, because of a competitive round of Mario Kart 64. I highly recommend carving out some time to just act like a kid every once in awhile. Go play in the snow or mud puddles. Go to Build-A-Bear together. Ask if your parents still have all of your fave board games from childhood — Twister with your hubby is super fun by the way! Whatever it is that allows you to relive those precious years together, do it! And I dare you not to laugh all the way through it.

Activity Time

Another great way to squeeze in some quality time and laughs is by doing creative or challenging activities together. One of the best memories I have is baking and decorating Christmas cookies with David last year. We made a mess and laughed at each others horrible decorating skills. It was so much fun that we have decided to make it a yearly tradition (I’ve been practicing my decorating skills so I can totally blow him away this year). This really could work with anything — cooking dinner together, painting furniture, planting an herb garden, or any DIY projects. We do a lot of home improvement projects together and we love just making a day of it and singing show tunes as we go. Anything can be an opportunity to bond if you just put in a little effort.

I hope this gives you tons of ideas on how you can prioritize fun and laughter in your relationship. Be sure to share your own ideas in the comments!

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