New Year, New Goals: A Breakdown Of My 2020 Goals

A new decade lay before us, surely overflowing with abundant blessings and more than enough grace and mercy for any trials that may come along with those blessings.

The past ten years have been full of so much transitioning and learning and overcoming and redirecting and I thank God for all the ways He has drawn me back to himself. Since 2010 I have graduated both high school and college, journeyed through an abusive dating relationship and found the strength to walk away, started my design career, met my husband, got married, bought a house, changed my career, started blogging full-time, and now I run my own company with a mission to point women to truth and give them the resources they need to pursue a life of joy. God used this decade to call me first to Himself and then point me toward the things He purposed me for. Which is why most of 2020 goals are focused on those very things and why I’m planning on having the exact same goals for many years to come.

Below, I’m sharing my 3 main goals in 2020 and how I plan to pursue them well after 2020 comes to a close.

Goal 1: Grow In Knowledge Of God’s Word

If 2019 taught me anything it was my own lack of wisdom when it comes to the Word of God. Throughout the past year I discovered how much I rely on other people to explain to me what the Bible says and how little I actually dig in and try to understand it myself. I found myself challenged many times on what I believe and why throughout the past year and it left me hungry for more wisdom and knowledge. I developed this longing for theological knowledge that I’ve never had before. I realized how much of my understanding of the Bible was simply a surface-level type of Christianity.

So, this year I want to really prioritize my knowledge of God’s character and what He expects of those of us who proclaim His name by getting in His word and discovering as much truth as I possibly can. I want every inaccuracy and false teaching I have in my mind to be completely overwhelmed by seeking the truth of His Word.

Here is how I’m planning on pursuing this goal:

  1. Just getting up, every day, and reading the Bible. I’m done with complicated reading plans and fancy versions of getting in the Word. I know that everything I need is right there in the Word God gave me and I want to prioritize it every single day. I’m not going to stress about how much I read or how much time I spend on it: some days I will feast on the Word and some days I will have to take it in small bites. What matters is that I am feeding on it DAILY.
  2. Reading more books by respected theologians. This is something I never thought I would say, but I really want to be intentional about reading the works of great theologians who spent their lives gaining knowledge on the Bible. I want to re-read the works of C.S. Lewis and then dig into the works of scholars like him to fill in the gaps from my own reading.
  3. Praying for wisdom. This is something I always forget to do. I’m quick to pray for things I want or I’m worried about but I always fail to pray for wisdom when I read the word.

Goal 2: Love My Husband Better

Something I’m constantly convicted about is how much room I have to improve on how I love my husband. Anyone that knows David and I personally could tell you how often I say that he truly is the better half of this marriage. He is the patient, loving, selfless one and I tend to be demanding, unforgiving, and self-centered more often than I would like to admit.

God revealed to me in 2019 how important my role as a wife is and what a privilege it is to have a husband to love. So, in 2020 (and every year to follow) I want one of my most important goals to be prioritizing my growth as a loving and respectful wife. I’ve been so interested in the Biblical perspective of marriage lately and I think it’s because the Lord knows how much I need to grow in this way. So, here is how I’m planning to pursue this goal of loving my husband better:

  1. Lot’s and lots’ and lot’s of prayer. Because if it is left up to only me I will surely fail at this on day one. I want to prioritize praying for my husband daily, praying for the grace I need to be a loving wife, and praying for the strength of our marriage in this new decade.
  2. Gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a biblical wife. This ties into gaining more knowledge of God’s Word; which is why that has to come first.
  3. Working on communication with David and prioritizing our time spent together in prayer and the Word.
  4. Focusing on opportunities to show David how much I love him, respect him, and trust him to lead our family.

Goal Three: Be Honest

Something else God revealed to me in 2019 was the lack of real honesty in this world. We prefer to tell people what they want to hear, encourage them to pursue their version of the truth, and push them to do whatever makes them happy. I used to be that kind of person – who never spoke up to friends and family when they were walking outside of God’s will or doing something that would harm them long term. I never wanted to be met with dislike or conflict so I avoided honesty whenever I felt like it might upset someone.

BUT, I’m working on being more honest, more up-front, and making the truth a priority in my friendships and relationships with family. I also want to be more honest about what is going on in my life so that friends, family, mentors, and even David can keep me accountable. For example, whenever I’m struggling with my disordered eating tendencies I want to be honest with a friend so that she can direct me to truth. I want to be honest with David when I feel like we haven’t had good communication or spent enough quality time together, rather than bottling it all up and unleashing it all on him in an emotional outburst.

Here is how I’m focusing on honesty in 2020:

  1. Again, getting a good grasp on the truth of God’s word.
  2. Remembering that loving someone means being honest with them – even when the truth hurts.
  3. Learning to be receptive when others have to come to me with the harsh truth and knowing that they are loving me by doing so.

Not Your Average Goals

You’ll notice that none of my goals for 2020 involve weight-loss, chasing my dreams, “doing more of what makes me happy,” or traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I do plan on being intentional with my health, working hard to continue to grow the The Sweetly Co., and even do a little traveling. And I do hope there are things in the year ahead that bring happiness. But, I wanted the three things I’m focused the most on to be things that aren’t so centered on me.

I look at my three priority goals and I see a way for me to pursue a lot of growth that is focused on the three most important RELATIONSHIPS in my life:

  1. Growing in knowledge of God’s word prioritizes the LORD.
  2. Loving my husband better prioritizes MY HUSBAND.
  3. And being honest prioritizes my FAMILY & FRIENDS.

I’m so done with goals that are all about ME and what I get to have, be, and do. I want more than that for my life. I thought about the type of person I want to be when I’m elderly and have kids and grand-kids and most of my life behind me and I realized that I wanted to be remembered not for what I accomplished but for how I loved. How I loved the Lord, my husband, my family, and my friends.

So, if your goals involve travel and weight-loss that is totally okay! But I would encourage you to think about three things you want to PRIORITIZE and see if you can make them less about you and more about the people you have been given to love. Because those are the people who keep your legacy alive long after you are gone; so, give them something to remember.

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