This Is The Only Beauty Cream You Need

I used to be the girl that grabbed the cheapest moisturizer at Target and never thought twice about it. But I was also the girl with constant breakouts, dry skin in the winter and oily in the summer, and a splotchy, uneven complexion.

Skincare Of The Past

If you asked me two years ago about my skincare routine I would have told you it consisted of various acne products (that never worked) and really cheap drugstore products with harmful ingredients. Actually, you probably wouldn’t have asked at all because my skin was not something anyone would find desirable. Early in 2019, however, I shared about how I switched all of my skincare to natural products. I tossed all my mineral oil filled products and started trying various products from companies that value quality ingredients.

While I was switching out my common drugstore deodorants I fell in love with the natural Lavender scented deodorant from Primally Pure (you can read that here). When I realized how AMAZING this deodorant was compared to others I’d tried, I figured I should try some of the other products from Primally Pure as well.

Blue Tansy Beauty Cream. CLICK HERE to shop.

With my acne still being a problem (at TWENTY-SIX years old!) and the realization that I should probably start looking into anti-aging products (because these 3 gray hairs I have are seriously freaking me out), I decided to try their Blue Tansy Beauty Cream.

I wanted to give this product a lot of time before I finally made my decision on whether it would work for me long-term. So, as I’m writing this, I have been using the Blue Tansy Beauty Cream for more than six months. I’ve had products work in the past, briefly, and then seem to stop working after a few weeks so I really wanted to give this beauty cream time to show me what it’s made of. Six months in with Primally Pure’s beauty cream and I am still obsessed with it!

What Makes It Soooo Good?

Before I tell you all the ways this product has improved my skin I want to share with you all the great things about it BESIDES the way it impacts your skin.

  • made with only FIVE ingredients
  • organic & responsibly sourced ingredients
  • made in small batches
  • free from toxic or harmful ingredients
  • from a small, family-founded business
  • safe to use if pregnant
  • long-lasting — a little goes a loooong way! (I’m still on my FIRST jar)
  • comes with wonderful customer service from the Primally Pure team
Blue Tansy Beauty Cream. CLICK HERE to shop.

To go along with all of those wonderful things, this product has completely changed my skin! I actually use this beauty cream in conjunction with only one other product – a witch hazel toner. Other than that, and makeup of course, this is the only thing I apply to my face and leave on it throughout the course of the day. I no longer use moisturizer because the beauty cream is so moisturizing. I use a small amount (so this one jar lasts me MORE than 6 months) and it goes a super long way. The first thing I actually noticed that was different about my skin was the glowy complexion I had. My skin was so dull and uneven in the beginning that I noticed the difference in less than two weeks. Looking back at photos of myself, I cannot believe how dull it was. I can see now that my skin was in desperate need of attention.

My acne also improved. I still have breakouts from time to time (because I can’t stay away from dairy and because hormones) but the tiny little clusters of bumps that once covered my face are GONE. I no longer have the almost gritty texture I once did but instead I have a smooth, even complexion. Because of this I haven’t had to wear nearly as much makeup, which has improved my skin EVEN MORE. All from just adding this one thing to my skincare routine and tossing all of my old, toxic products.

Should you try it?

I honestly cannot think of a single reason why you shouldn’t try the Blue Tansy Beauty Cream. My skin has gone through such a huge transformation since I stopped using the poorly crafted drug store brands and upgraded to Primally Pure. Plus, I’ve found that this beauty cream is MORE AFFORDABLE than the drugstore brands because it lasts soooo long. No joke, I think I may actually get a year of use out of this tiny jar.

Blue Tansy Beauty Cream. CLICK HERE to shop.

So, if you are looking to brighten up your skin, improve your skin’s texture, introduce natural or anti-aging products into your routine, and want excellent quality for the same price as the drugstores then this beauty cream is the way to go.

You can even get a DISCOUNT! Use code SWEETLY for 10% off your first order from Primally Pure. I recommend the Beauty Cream, the Lavender deodorant, and the Dry Bristle Brush! Click here to shop all things natural beauty.

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