The Sweetly Story

Welcome, Friend!

I am so excited that you have found yourself in this little world of mine. I’m just a girl over here building a dream and having you along for the ride is what makes every step worth it!

So, let’s get to know each other a bit better…

My name is Sydney Stephens. I live in a charming small town in Virginia with my husband, David, and our lovable husky, Hezekiah (yes, that’s his name). David and I have been married for 2 years — so some days feel like a honeymoon and others feel like a large dose of reality. We live in a 1940s home and spend most of our free time cuddled up on the sofa, eating chinese food, and watching endless movies and episodes of The Office.

I love to tell the story of how David and I met because it’s one of the biggest examples of God’s grace in my life. If you would like to read that story, you can check it out here.

I’m addicted to coffee, chocolate is my not-so-guilty pleasure, and I love to spend my spare time baking — gimme all the carbs and beautifully decorated cookies! I have a ridiculous collection of fuzzy slippers and I’m usually rocking a pair while creating content for this platform. I love all things Kate Spade and if it comes with sprinkles then you can count on me to order two of them (sorry, no sharing). I’m happiest on long drives through the mountains of Virginia while singing along to any Fleetwood Mac song and a McAlister’s Sweet Tea in my hand.

I knew at 8 years old that I wanted to be a writer and after journeying through three years as an Interior Designer I have finally decided to pursue that childhood dream. I’m also passionate about encouraging women and that is what lead me to create The Sweetly Co.

I wanted a space where women could gather and find practical resources, as well as genuine encouragement, for every part of their journey. So, I talk a lot about marriage, healing, God’s grace, body image, finding purpose, and seeking joy. And I love creating things that will impact your life in simple, yet effective ways: organizational tools, devotionals, and eBooks.

I knew God was calling me to something special when He first gave me the vision for The Sweetly Co. It took me a while to work up the courage to jump and then it took me even longer to make this my full-time career. But I cannot think of anything better than getting to show up here every day and serve you. This is my dream come true and I am overjoyed that you have decided to step into what God has allowed me to build.

I hope you’ll stay for the conversation, friend. Because we have so much to talk about.

So, I want to know who you are. Send me a message and tell me all about you and what you want to talk about here in The Sweetly Co corner.

I can’t wait to know you better, friend!