These are all of my latest & most loved reads and I’m constantly adding more so check back often to see my latest read!

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Holy Hustle, Chrystal Stine

If you have ever battled the balance of working hard and knowing when to rest then this book will speak to your heart. Chrystal breaks down the difference between hustling for Jesus and hustling for ourselves as well as the difference between rest and down-right laziness. There is so much honesty in these pages and if you plan to make a go at your own business or even a corporate career, then you NEED the wisdom in this book. Click the photo to shop.

Influencer, Brittany Hennessy

This is one of the most informative reads I’ve had since starting my journey as a blogger. Brittany breaks down all the ins and outs of influencer marketing and how to do it the right way. And she does it all with bold honesty and a major girl power mind set. Take it from someone who continues to apply her advice to my business, you must read this book if you are hoping to break into the influencer world. Click photo to shop.

Gay Girl, Good God , Jackie Hill Perry

I found Jackie on Instagram and I was blown away by her story and her way with words. She is an artist when it comes to writing. I read her book in one day and I haven’t stopped talking about it since. I recommend this to EVERYONE. There isn’t a single person that doesn’t need to read this book.

The Shack, Wm. Paul Young

This book completely changed the way I look at my relationship with Christ. The power of this story is life-changing. I honestly did not want the final page to be turned.