The Truth About Loving Your Neighbor

The command to love our neighbors is not the complication, rather it is how the word ‘love’ is defined and how we apply this verse to our lives that makes this passage complicated for Christians. Context is so important here. Often we twist the term ‘love’ to mean many things it doesn’t and in today’s culture it is used interchangeably with the terms ‘tolerant’ and ‘acceptance’.

4 Ways To Uncomplicate Your Quiet Time

Journal. Bible. Devotional. Coffee. Sunrise. An hour to spare. All the pretty pens and highlighters. With the rise of social media and Christian influencers in the past few years what is commonly referred to as “quiet time” for the Christian has become just another pretty Instagram square and, for many Christians, anxiety-inducing. Why? Because we…

How To Love Motherhood When The World Tells You Not To

If you are anything like me you may have found (or currently find) yourself in a place of fear when it comes to motherhood as you scroll through social media. You see countless women talking about how their toddlers destroy their home, their babies leave them with dirty hair and living in leggings, and their…

How To Be A Truth Seeker In A World Full Of Lies

a quick look into the life of Jesus throughout the Gospels shows us that the truth has always been hated by the world. We also see, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, that truth will always prevail. Which is why it’s so important for us to be truth-seekers in this world full of lies – we want to be on the side of victory.