The Truth About Loving Your Neighbor

The command to love our neighbors is not the complication, rather it is how the word ‘love’ is defined and how we apply this verse to our lives that makes this passage complicated for Christians. Context is so important here. Often we twist the term ‘love’ to mean many things it doesn’t and in today’s culture it is used interchangeably with the terms ‘tolerant’ and ‘acceptance’.

4 Ways To Uncomplicate Your Quiet Time

Journal. Bible. Devotional. Coffee. Sunrise. An hour to spare. All the pretty pens and highlighters. With the rise of social media and Christian influencers in the past few years what is commonly referred to as “quiet time” for the Christian has become just another pretty Instagram square and, for many Christians, anxiety-inducing. Why? Because we…

Why You Need A Prayer Journal

Journaling has long been a part of who I am. Most people who have known me for any length of time know how important this daily practice is to me. It’s been a source of healing, of processing thoughts, of creative expression, and the thing that has helped my prayer life grow the most.

Why The Trend of Self-Love is Dangerous

Oh boy…I’m expecting a little hate from this one. But, I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on this topic for so long and I’ve decided it’s time to just break down, be honest, and tell you why I think that this new idea of self-love is an absolute lie.

My Method For Intentional Prayer

If you’re new around here: Hi! I’m so glad you found your way to my little internet corner. I hope you feel most welcomed. If you’re not new around here, then you probably already know how much I LOVE to talk about prayer. Last year I wrote a post about praying big when you feel…

Bold Women Of Faith: Why We Matter In The Church

Lonely. That’s how I started to feel when I realized that my bold personality didn’t seem to fit into many of the church groups I knew. I’m known for being outspoken, loud, opinionated, and I would rather lead than follow in most situations. I question practices and events that only exist in the name of…

This One Word Changed My Life

Hey there friend, Five years ago my entire life changed when I finally understood the meaning and importance of this one word. For years I misunderstood it’s true meaning and I denied the important role it played in my life. I always thought of this word in a negative way and I honestly never thought…

Failing As A Wife: How to Overcome Feelings of Inadequacy

If you have been married for any length of time then you know this exact feeling — knowing that you have messed up in one of the most important jobs you’ve ever had and let down the person you love the most. It’s not only heartbreaking but it makes you feel completely inadequate.

What You Can Learn When God Says No

Friend, Have you ever bargained with God? Have you ever told Him exactly why YOU think that the answer to a certain prayer should be yes? Have you spent countless amounts of time praying for something only to receive a big, fat, NO in the end? Well, that happened to me this summer. I have…