How To Pray Big: A 21-Day Devotional


How To Pray Big: A 21-Day Devotional

How To Pray Big When You Feel Small

21 Days of Embracing The Power of Prayer

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How To Pray Big is a 21-day devotional for anyone looking to grow in their pursuit of prayer and their relationship with Christ. This devotional was designed to help you see the power in prayer and how communication with God is the key to a flourishing relationship with Him and a joyful pursuit of each day. For the new believer and the well-read Christian alike, this 21-day study requires only a small amount of time each day and an open heart. Through this study you will discover topics like: praying through difficult seasons, how to find time to pray on busy days, and how to trust God with your most impossible prayers. Each day of the study includes a scripture reference to encourage you to spend time in the word, a brief application of that scripture, and a prayer challenge to complete for the day. This study was designed with women of all ages in mind.

74 pages; soft cover; 21 chapters plus intro;

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